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Cashflow Finance Cannington

Cashflow Finance Cannington

Start growing your business sooner

Staying on top of your cashflow isn’t always in your control – even the most diligent business owners find themselves with cashflow issues at some point. That’s because cashflow is often determined by circumstances out of your control. Like long payment terms within your industry. Sound familiar? Cashflow finance Cannington just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

When you should consider getting cashflow finance

Managing your cashflow is vital to keeping your business healthy and growing. But even with all the planning and forecasts, cashflow can be a fickle thing. And cashflow woes aren’t necessarily an indication that your business is in trouble – often cashflow can become a problem if you’re experiencing unexpected growth. There are a few situations that cause businesses to experience cashflow problems:

  • Slow paying debtors
  • Traditional finance hasn’t been achievable
  • Business is growing rapidly
  • Limited working capital is holding you back

Why cashflow finance?

Taking advantage of cashflow finance will give you three critical things: control over your cashflow, access to cash and protection against debtor’s risk.

Is cashflow finance right for you?

Solutions I can help with include partnership factoring, invoice discounting, factoring and invoice financing. Each of these options has unique benefits and choosing the right option for your situation will help turn your business around if you’re struggling, and allow you to keep growing. It’s about working through which option is best for you and making a decision quickly. It’s best to address cashflow concerns early. If your approach is to “bury your head in the sand” with the hope everything will work out, then it could be too late for cashflow finance.

That’s why you need Westend Finance

As a broker with more than ten years’ experience in helping businesses get back on track with cashflow financing, I’ve built good relationships with lenders. So I know what they’re looking for, whose products are most likely to suit your situation. Which means there won’t be any time wasted getting your cashflow under control and your business growing. Do yourself a favour – don’t decide before you’ve spoken to me.

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