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Investment Loans Perth

Investment Loans Perth

Time to invest

Any savvy investor knows that property investment is a great long term wealth building tool. But, getting a great finance deal is part of the equation. That’s where I come in.

Property investment – the smart investor’s choice

Property investment loans Perth have become extremely popular in the last decade, but it’s not something to dive into blindly. It’s always good to consider independent financial and tax advice to make sure property investment fits into your long-term wealth building strategy.

Things to consider

Ready to start investing? Taking on a loan to buy an investment property has great benefits, but there are a few things you need to think about and be sure of before you take the leap, like:

  • What property to buy
  • Where you should buy
  • Costs involved in purchasing, owning and managing an investment property
  • Rental yields
  • Interest rates
  • Loss of value
  • High entry and exit costs
  • Vacancy rates

Making the most of investment loans Perth

Deciding on an investment loan is daunting, with so many variables from bank to bank. When considering which loan is right for you, you must look at your situation and decide which of these features will help you get to where you want to be:

  • Variable or fixed interest
  • Loan term
  • Interest in advance
  • Interest only or Principal and Interest payments
  • Additional payments flexibility
  • Split loan options
  • Portability – allowing the loan to transfer from one property to another

Get finance with confidence

Property investment can play an important part in your long term wealth building strategy, but if you’ve chosen the wrong loan package, you could find yourself tied up in knots if things don’t work out according to plan. Sitting down with an experienced investment loan broker means you’ll get the right loan to help you reach your goals because it can do everything you need it to.

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