Refinance Home Loans Perth

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Refinance Home Loans Perth

Refinance Home Loans Perth

Making sure you’ve still got the lowest rate

Making sure you’re getting the best rate on your home loan is as easy as checking in with your broker. Refinancing is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re getting the best rate on your home loan. So if you haven’t had your loan reviewed in a few years, it’s time to have a check-up.

When to refinance your home loan

Get a lower rate

Refinancing your home loan is a great way to give you more wiggle room financially. Getting a lower interest rate means your monthly repayment will be less and the total interest you pay over time will decrease too. So refinancing is an easy way to continue living comfortably despite having debt, especially if your circumstances have changed.

Adjust your loan term

Refinancing also gives you the opportunity to lengthen or shorten your loan period. So, if you want to make a larger repayment to pay off your loan quicker, refinancing is a great way to do that. Or if your situation has changed and you need a longer loan term, refinancing is a good option for you too.

Switch to variable or fixed rate

If you originally chose a fixed or variable rate and now find that the opposite may be a better option for you, refinancing is the easiest and quickest way to switch.

Cash out using equity

If you have equity in your home, refinancing can give you access to those funds. You may want to purchase a new car, install a pool, renovate your home or go on that well-deserved family holiday. It’s also important you understand how borrowing against your home using the equity can affect you now and in the future, and I am here to help you through that process.

When is a good time to refinance home loans Perth?

If your circumstances have changed and your current loan is no longer working for you, or it’s been a while since you reviewed your interest rate, it’s probably time to look into refinancing. It’s also a great way to save money, better utilise what you’ve already paid off on your existing loan and manage your money in the long run.

Why you need a broker on board

Refinancing can be a fairly simple process compared to getting your loan initially. However, speaking to an experienced broker means you’ll get unbiased advice on whether to refinance with your current lender, to move on to another lender with better options for your current situation, or whether refinancing is a good option for you at all. With over ten years’ experience in the industry, I can help you make the best decision on whether or not to refinance, and with whom.

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